Connector imports a selection of top-quality
Highbright, Highpower, fast- and slow-blinking RGB LED's

flexible watertight LED strips

LED spot lights.


The Star Hexagon LED’s are available in
1 en 3 Watts in the following colours:

  • Bright white
  • Warm white
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Specifically for the Star Hexagon LED’s,
Connector supplies separate lenses to focus the light beam.

The latest generation of
5 watt Highpower LED’s !!!
in 5 colours are also available.

So too are the 3mm and 5mm Highbright LED’s
in many colours.



   Fast- en slow-blinking 5mm RGB LED's

The SMD- Highbright LED’s are available in super bright white
and warm white; the Flux LED’s only in bright white. 



All LED’s are high-quality products and available from stock.


1 and 3 Watt LED spot lights in white and warm white.

Available with GU10 fitting (230 Volt) and GX5,3 fitting (12 Volt)
Beam width: 40-45º




        The advantages compared to halogen spot lights are:
  • 90% energy savings
  • much longer life
  • low heat output.

       The 1 Watt LED is comparable to a 20 Watt halogen spotlight.
       The 3 Watt LED is comparable to a 35 Watt halogen spotlight.