CONNECTOR B.V. is the importer and exclusive distributor of Kontakt Chemie technical sprays.

Kontakt Chemie has a very comprehensive array of aerosol cans that simplify work and prevent problems. Connector selected an array of products that are specifically intended for the electronics industry.

On the Connector overview for Kontakt Chemie, you will find some 40 different products divided into 6 main classes:

Cleaning & Maintenance
Air Dusters
Lubrication & Protection
Conductive Coatings
Protective Coatings


For full information on and a technical explanation of the product line
we refer you to the Kontakt Chemie technical manual.

                                                           Download the
                     Kontakt Chemie Catalog & Technical Manual in English
                     Kontakt Chemie Catalog & Technical Manual in Francais


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