ENGEL is a company that has been developing and manufacturing
       soldering guns, thermal cutting equipment and transformers since 1977.

                    Auto transformers are available at various capacities.

           Auto transformers type VSTG

      230V > 120V from 100VA > 2000VA
      120V > 230V from 100VA > 2000VA

                 Transformers with a 
               power rating of 100VA
                  in a metal housing.



              Auto transformers type VTG N
           120V > 230V from 50VA > 150VA
           230V > 120V from 50VA > 150VA



                 Transformers with a
             power rating of 150VA
                 in a ABS housing.




           Check the technical information for ENGEL transformatoren here.

                                 For prices e-mail: info@ingcon.nl